Which why nothing is impossible

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Which why nothing is impossible

Post by suroya "roy" on Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:02 pm

When the cold nights been sleepless
and faith turned to be weakly hopeless
in the sharp darkness that never shines
when I had truly nothing to call mine

I found you..

when the roads been long and I was lost
& the sun's light seemed never to last
days passed by , crossing back to the past..
when I never truly felt these days un-noticed

I felt you..

when I walked the unknown with tears ahead.
Fear pumped my heart for the unknowns threat
Blood boiled through my frozen dead soul..and
just when I needed to live again & feel whole

I found you..

How I founded you?

when the merciless light blinded my eyes
& I was lost while walking the road of lies
when the near tomorrow I was unable to see
when I feared searching for thee, even for me!

My love actually ;by then
You found me.

Where we found We

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